Signs That You Are Pregnant

pregnancy signs

Are you pregnant? That is the question that comes in to your mind when you have missed your period. If you are pregnant, women’s body will show a lot of signs to show that you will be a mom. Although some of the symptoms have relations to the women’s health other than pregnancy but having most of the signs that you are pregnant. Nonetheless, for your own assurance it is better to try a pregnancy test.

signs that you are pregnant are reasons enough for you to assume that you are pregnant even at home and do not have access to a pregnancy test.

• Breast Changes – One of the early signs that you are pregnant is due to hormonal change that causes the breast to change. It may happen 1 to 2 weeks following conception. You may feel that your breast has become bigger, tender, and is painful or sore to touch. And because of the increased of your pregnancy hormones, you may see a darkening of the skin around the nipples later on.

• Fatigue – Another sign that you are pregnant. You always feel fatigue. This is maybe due to the increase of the hormone progesterone which is capable of putting you to sleep when delivered in a high dosage. Other factors such as increased blood circulation and lower body pressure may also give the feeling of sudden exhaustion. But this feeling of tiredness you are experiencing will pass by and also you will experience difficulty in falling asleep because of the increase weight in your stomach and of some pregnancy discomfort.

• Nausea – is one of the well-known signs that you are pregnant because it is also commonly known as morning sickness. It is usually accompanied by vomiting and may take anytime of the day. Some of the women suffer this condition throughout their pregnancy but there are some women that do not undergo this condition during their pregnancy. This condition is due to the increase in estrogen hormones that cause your stomach to empty more slowly. Your sense of smell may also improve drastically that nausea may develop in response to certain smells.

• Missed Period – This is the most basic and the most obvious sign that you are pregnant. Each month a healthy woman’s body releases an egg which travels from your ovary to the fallopian tube and is ready for fertilization within 12-24 hours. This egg leaves the woman’s body if it is not fertilized and that process is what we called a menstrual period.

• Frequent Urination – This is also another sign that you are pregnant. A pregnant woman always finds themselves hurrying for the bathroom. This is because pregnant women bodily fluids increases as well as the blood which causes the kidneys to process extra fluids that ends up in the bladder. This symptom may start as early as six weeks and may worsen as your baby grows and exerts more pressure on your bladder.

• Basal Body Temperature – If your basal body temperature remains high, it is a sign that you are pregnant. If you are charting your basal body temperature and it stays high for 18 days consecutively, then you will become a mother.