Seasonal Allergies – Stop Suffering Year After Year

seasonal allergies

Seasonal allergies affect over 35 million Americans every year. These allergies, which are generally the worst in the spring, produce a variety of annoying and uncomfortable symptoms that send many allergy sufferers running to the doctor’s office, searching for relief. Fortunately, these symptoms, which include itchy, watery eyes, a runny nose, sneezing, and even wheezing, can also be treated using completely natural methods. These natural methods will not only keep many seasonal allergy sufferers out of the doctor’s office, but will allow them to enjoy the spring season without the use of traditional medication.

6 Ways To Naturally Relieve Seasonal Allergies:

1. Saline or Saltwater Nose Rinses. Saline rinses can be purchased or can be made at home by simply combining 8 ounces of warm water, with 1/4 of a teaspoon of table salt, and 1/8 of a teaspoon of baking soda. Rinsing the nasal cavity with a saline rinse will wash out pollen and other debris, while working to dry built up mucus.

2. Consume raw, organic honey and/or bee pollen. Consuming these substances work to expose the immune system to pollen, which is a very common allergen. When the immune system is exposed to bee pollen, it will then work to build antibodies against pollen .Therefore, eliminating pollen as an allergen. Keep in mind that bee pollen is more effective in reducing allergies than honey, and that any type of honey, other than raw honey will be almost completely ineffective.

3. If possible, close all house and car windows and turn on the air conditioning. The less outside air allowed inside the house or car, the less allergens that will be allowed to escape into the air. While this is a simple step, it can greatly reduce the severity of allergies. Simply working to reduce exposure to allergens will greatly reduce their effect on those susceptible to allergies.

4. Change and wash clothing as soon as coming in from outside. Pollen and other allergens can easily become trapped within fabrics and become irritating. While this may be decently inconvenient, it will also help to reduce the severity of seasonal allergies.

5. Take a butterbur supplement four times every day. Butterbur is an herb found in Europe that is known to reduce the severity of allergies. In fact, butterbur is just as effective in treating allergy symptoms as popular medications containing antihistamines. Fortunately, butterbur does not cause drowsiness in consumers as many antihistamine containing medications do. This allows allergy suffers the option of avoiding traditional medications, while enjoying the same benefits, and even avoiding unwanted side effects.

6. Try an Oregano Oil supplement. Oregano oil is said to protect the body against suffering from allergies. Oregano oil works to reduce allergies by decreasing the amount of histamines found in the blood stream. Histamines are chemicals that cause allergic reactions in the body and also cause the body to swell. When taking an oregano oil supplement, it is important to find a high-quality supplement, as a low quality supplement will be less effective in reducing allergies.